Freshwater Fish Conservation Strategies in Connecticut



This website is designed to give the curious reader an overview of the various methods utilized by the state of Connecticut to engage in the conservation of freshwater fish species. Fishing is a popular recreational activity in all parts of Connecticut and allows people of all ages to connect with nature in a meaningful way. It is important to preserve this practice for future generations.


Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (or DEEP) is the principal organization in charge of monitoring and maintaining the species diversity found within the state's waters. The agency has diverse goals. It must balance the desires of nature-oriented citizens with the need to protect the biodiversity of Connecticut's fish fauna.


The tradition of harvesting aquatic resources stretches back thousands of years in Connecticut. Native American tribes took advantage of the yearly runs of anadromous fishes that were plentiful in many rivers. Today, fisheries management is far more complex and requires a diverse assemblage of strategies to keep up with modern fishing pressures.

Get Involved

There are many ways for the average citizen to assist in the conservation of aquatic resources. Many people assume that only trained scientists can actively make a difference to preserve the natural world. Click below to learn about things that YOU can do to participate in the conservation of freshwater fish species.


Connecticut is home to 82 freshwater fish species, 23 of which were present before humans arrived.

Anglers seeking to catch trout in Connecticut must purchase a trout stamp for their fishing license.

You Can Help!

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection procures a large portion of its funding from fishing and hunting license sales. Be a responsible outdoors enthusiast. Always make sure that you purchase the required licenses to engage in the taking or pursuit of wild animals. Connecticut is a beautiful state. Together, we can keep it that way!

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